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September 10 2017

It took a long turn to make this decision but today's going to remind me what I have chosen. 

May 22 2017

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen
in such a way that others love to speak to you. 
— Unknown
Reposted byDietz Dietz

May 21 2017

21 May, 17
Tired. Exhausted.
>God I need you. I need your energy. I'm running low. Haven't been looking towards you as a source of breath and life. 

♥ 3 daily things♥
Today, I'm grateful for being able to wake up and have mum and dad next to me, knowing that I have them with me. 

Reminder to self: Stop getting grumpy and irritated. You never know when will be your last chance to love. 

Prayer: Jesus fill me with you, you name is worthy of my life, of every single cell that is pumping blood to keep me alive. Help me find back YOU in me and I in YOU. I want more of you Lord, I want to be all for you. I want to let every breath I take praise You and give glory to You. For I am nothing without you. Help me open my eyes to the little blessings that come my way every single moment of the day. I love you. 

>Just as I finish writing and open All Devotion, this is what I get. Referring to context, just got irritated at bubs. Seems like hmm....

"Today we believe God wants us to know that acting in anger never helps. As time passes, the reason for your anger will fade. But the things you do in anger will stay with you forever as regrets."

May 17 2017

17 May, 17
>Getting ready to go home, getting assignments done, excited yet scared I won't finish my work in time. 
I miss bubs here and there. Mum's leaving for home on Monday:( I'm gonna miss her. I can't bear for her to go back although it's just a week earlier. Got lots of work to do. Sigh. 

♥ 3 daily things♥
Today, I'm grateful for a new day to love, to be a better version of myself. I may not have quite made it to being better than yesterday but I will keep trying. Thank you for the gift of mummy and daddy too. I love you big man above. 

Reminder to self: I can do it. Keep my eyes only on Jesus. Focus on his Love. 

Prayer: Jesus be all around me, with me and in me. 

May 15 2017

15 May, 17
>Many things going on the past few weeks, but stayed afloat through it all and coming out ever stronger with God. 

I've lost sight of being myself, who God has made me to be but I'm coming back and falling in love with it again. Always a journey of discovery and rediscoveries. 

1 Peter 3:3-4 (NIV)
"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight."

Inner beauty, a woman that places her confidence in God, that lives the nature of God in her, who's mouth opens to speaks praises, gratitude, kind words. Who holds herself esteemed in God. 

♥ 3 daily things♥ 
Today, I'm grateful for being able to reconnect with this I once held so close to me. 

Reminder to self: Love those who love you and love those who hate you. Use words of kindness to always build people up and if I can't help them, don't break them. For my face is a reflection of my own heart. 

Prayer: God may you shine more brightly in me from the inside so that I may reflect nothing but goodness, the goodness of You and rid myself to be nothing but all and everything of You. 

May 06 2017

7 May, 17
I love you daddy
>I don't like to get irritated. But I get irritated. And when I get irritated I cry because I get irritated because I don't want to get irritated and I feel bad for getting irritated.

I don't understand:( 
People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. 
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

May 02 2017

2 May, 17
Your Promise
>Was just feeling really stressed with a headache coming down when I received an email notification from Peggy. It said: 
"We arrived last night late getting to the hotel, but it's a nice room, at Hampton Inn and the shuttle and big breakfast was included.  We want you to know we love you, and thoroughly enjoyed our time with you Sunday!  God bless you in all you do!
The Lord will never leave or forsake you.  You are very beautiful and intelligent but your compassion is magnetic....
Love, Peggy"

There and then, "The Lord will never leave or forsake you." caught my attention. It was something I've heard from so many people of God's promise for me; that he will always be there when I call upon Him. 
It brought me to tears and put me in a state of grace to receive His love.
Thank you Peggy, that meant a million to me. Thank you for being the Lord's angel. 

"Today we believe God wants us to know that you already know the answer. If you cannot find the answers you seek, it is because they are not easily expressed in words. Listen to your heart. It knows everything - but does not need words to communicate."

May 01 2017

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I'm afraid... that there will be a day where I eventually come to let go, ... and walk on. 

April 26 2017

26 April, 17
Restless- Audrey Assad
>Headache. Cold. Tired. Overloaded.
Assignments... and more assignments. 
I need you God. I can't go a day without you. 
"How can I expect to walk without you?"

"Today we believe God wants us to know that hope never leaves. Sometimes you can't see it or feel it. Sometimes hope seems far away. Often the difficulties you face make it seem as if hope has abandoned you. But hope never leaves. It is always there, ready for you to embrace."

You said: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." -Matthew 11:28 (NIV) 

And so I am here. 

I wanna rest in You
Still my heart, hold me close
Let me hear, a still small voice
Let it grow, let it rise
Into a shout, into a cry
And I am restless, so restless
'Til I rest in You, 'til I rest in You, Oh God
Let me rest in You.


April 24 2017

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I love you♥

April 04 2017

5 April, 17
>Am I giving myself credit for what God has done for me?

April 03 2017


3 April, 17

Haven't been alive; only living

>"Today we believe God wants us to know that you were created to be alive. You weren't made to simply survive until you die. Live it up, embrace life. This entire planet exists for all God's creatures, - and that includes you. Don't wait to start living, begin right now, with your very next breath. There are many wonderful experiences waiting for you, so get going."

April 01 2017

1 April, 17
>It's the month of April

>Feeling irritated AGAIN
Bad start to the month. I don't knowing what I'm feeling actually. Help. 

March 29 2017

29 March, 17
Going crazy
>Assignments overload. Panicking over placement. Third breakdown but I can't give up. 

March 27 2017

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Philippines Mission Trip Dec 2017♡
"Long distance relationships are hard. Really hard. And not everybody truly understands that. There are more reasons to fight, more reasons to argue, and more reasons to stress. You have to put in twice as much effort, twice as much patience, and twice as much trust in order to make it work. The distance, however, gives those couples a reason to love harder than regular couples do. Regular couples get to we each other whenever they want, while long distance couples have to wait long periods of time to see each other and when they do, it's only for a short period of time as well and when it's time to leave, that's the worst part about it all because you don't want to leave, it hurts to leave, knowing it'll be awhile until you see that person again. So every moment those couples spend together matter. They don't take holding hands, long hugs and kisses for granted. What's amazing is that although these couples are far apart from each other most of the time, there's no one they feel closer to than that person and that's how you know it's real and pure love."

27 March, 17
>Wasn't a pleasant night. Fought, but the most wonderful thing was that love conquered it. I always believed in meant to be's, destiny and fate. But every since you became a figure in my life, I've come to learn that love is a choice. And you are my favourite choice. Last night made me realise and see the mistakes I've made, the if I could turn back time and how I would still make the same decisions. My understanding of Love grew. And I learnt to choose love. It made me remember the 80/20 rule:

"We, as humans, are always looking for the next best thing because as we all know, the grass is always greener on the other side, right? Wrong. This is what the 80/20 rule teaches you. Generally, when in a relationship you get about 80 percent of what you want. This sounds pretty good because it's such a high percentage. However, we are also craving that other 20 percent. We fight over it, break up over it and complain about it because as we already went over, we always want what we can’t have.

Say your boyfriend or girlfriend is SO great—loyal, attentive, supportive, and caring. However, they aren’t as social as you. You always want to go out with friends, go to parties and hang in groups but they would rather hang out at home or Netflix and chill (and actually watch Netflix and actually chill). Instead of focusing on the 80 percent of things you want and are actually receiving, you focus on the 20 percent that shows your significant other being antisocial.

Then comes the day you meet your 20 percent. They’re outgoing, always up to hang out, and never turns down an opportunity to party. They seem perfect. They are that 20 percent you are missing. So what do you do? You naturally think this person is a better match for you and so you break up with your current significant other for this person.

This all seems perfect, now you have everything you want, right? Nope. You will soon realize even though you have that 20 percent, you ONLY have 20 percent. You no longer are getting 80 percent of what you want because you left that for the single aspect that you were missing to begin with.

The 20 percent is dangled in front of your face looking like the ideal option, but you forget when you go after the one thing you were missing, you lose everything you had. You give up 80 percent happiness for only 20 percent. You gave up a caring, respectful, amazing partner for an obnoxious, drunk, party animal because it seemed like everything you wanted at the time.

This rule may seem obvious, but next time you want to complain about your boyfriend or girlfriend, I bet you’ll think twice and remember the 80 percent that you get every day. Forget about the 20 percent that's probably something insignificant anyway.

Appreciate your loved one and always let them know it. Don’t get caught yearning over 20 percent." 

I love you babe, always and here's to forever. 

March 22 2017

21 March, 17
>Missing home. I want to go home. Regretting coming to Aussie to study yet not. I just miss having family. It's the most important thing at the end of the day. But so grateful that I've got mum here with me, dad's coming in about 3 weeks, then uncle, aunt and cousin's coming then I've got a month left. Hope time flies faster. Especially this year. Year 3 next year. Can't wait to say its YEAR 3! then YEAR 4. and back home once again surrounded by loved ones. 
I'm too tired to go on. 
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